It's Almost Spring!

Mossy Urns

Everything about spring says renewal, and we've got some big changes in store here at Governor's! 

If you've been here, you know our inventory is beyond huge. From art and mirrors, to collectibles and china, vintage advertising, fine furniture, and of course, more architectural salvage than just about anywhere... BUT, the pricing, the pricing! 

For years, much (or most!) of our inventory was not priced. Arguably, that was part of the charm. Gary Thomas, our late founder, had all of the prices in his head, and any price questions went through him. Customers would wait and wait until they could get a price, and that seemed okay. But it's 2018, and lots of folks don't want to wait, or wonder. So as we change a bit and shift things around, we are working on pricing everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. (Well, we're trying, at least.)

As we work hard on this massive project, we'll confess, we've struggled. Some folks are frustrated that there are still no prices. If we price 100 items in a day, the one they want is the one we didn't get to yet.

Others have complained that pricing everything makes it feel like "a regular retail store," without the charm of the old school antique store experience. 

With no prices, people tend to play a mental game of "The Price is Right" with the piece they want, and often have no frame of reference for the price. So, by the time they get a price, it seems high, and they're disappointed or frustrated. 

We've also been asked if we would take less because "it looks like it's been here a while," when that's sort of the nature of the antiques and salvage business. Some things have indeed been here a while. Because while our inventory changes all the time, everything doesn't turn over completely in a week, or a month. 

So....please bear with us, as we try to make things a little easier to explore, to find, and to shop, for you, our VERY VALUABLE customers, and honestly, for us. If you have a question, please flag one of us down and ask. That’s  what we're here for, and we’re happy to help!

Finally, pricing everything doesn't mean there is no negotiation ever. We know that's part of the experience. However, we are working hard to price things reasonably. We'd really rather just have reasonable prices than overprice so that there is room to negotiate.

We think you'll be happy with the changes coming, and with the experience. If you're not, we'd always love to hear your opinion when you're in the shop. As always, if you're happy, please tell everyone! And if you're unhappy, please tell us! 

Happy spring, y'all! We look forward to seeing you soon!