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Antique Tri Fold Hanging Tabletop Mirror in Wood Frame with Ornate Brass GA9487

Governor's Architectural Antiques

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This antique tri fold mirror was recently acquired from a Virginia estate sale.  It has been professionally cleaned and all details reviewed.  The interior mirror glass is very thick and beveled at the edges.  As shown, the left mirror glass is very distressed.  The middle and right mirror glass does have some fogging however it is intact and all three pieces are free from any cracks or chips in the glass.  

The panels are hinged with its original brass hardware.  The hinges have arrow point finials top and bottom with one of the bottom sections missing and some small washers are in its place.  The hinges do need some adjusting as some of the very small nails are a bit loose.  The interior wood frame also has a wide bevel and all of the wood inside and out appears to be stained with a gloss finish.  

The exterior wood does have some scratches.  The entire set is accented with whimsical brass shapes which are all nailed into the frame and sides.  A few of these nails do need replacing.  

What's really neat about this piece is that not only can it be hung on a wall from it's center top chain, but it can also be used on a tabletop area.  The three bottom wood finials allows this to happen very comfortably.  

Measurements: 13" tall (top to bottom center finial) 11" in diameter and 1 3/4" thick when closed. 

NOTE*Shipping, handling, insurance and postage included with price. 

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