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Indonesian Kris Dagger with Sterling Silver Sheath & Rosewood Handle #GAKris

Governor's Architectural Antiques

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The Kris is promoted by the Indonesian government as a cultural symbol of Indonesia.  Both weapon and spiritual object, the Kris is considered to possess magical powers. Kris have been produced in many regions of Indonesia for centuries, but it is particularly associated with the culture of Central Java. 

This Kris has some unique features.  The top handle design is made from Rosewood and in an animal type design.  It does have some damage to this part and is pictured.  The "zig zag" blade is made from some form of steel and is actually very sharp.  Some discoloration can be seen and is pictured.  The sheath or "scabbard" is very ornate in design with intricate carvings and engravings and is made of Sterling Silver and has been tested.  There are a few dings and bends in the silver and this too is pictured.  The sheath covers a fiber type of material which protects the blade and is shown.  

Measurements: As pictured, the blade is 14" long and total length is 17". 

Note: Shipping, handling, packing, insurance and postage is included in price. 

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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