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Red & Green Double Neon Advertising Clock for Smith Bros with Hand Painted Face #GA9186

Governor's Architectural Antiques

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This clock is both one of a kind and unique. The face has been designed by hand with the full face painted black and the letters and numbers painted white. The hands are also the standard white color with a red colored second hand.  Designed from the famous men of "Smith Bros. Cough Drops" in mind, we realize the name is spelt incorrectly (no "S" at the end of "Smith") and the Smith Bros. company did not promote their wares with advertising clocks. Regardless, it's still an awesome clock.  We believe the can and motor were made by the "Electric Neon Clock Company" based out of Cleveland.  Many collectors know these types of clocks as "Cleveland" although not the companies actual name.  It has great colors, all parts and pieces in tact. Plus, it runs beautifully as it has been hanging in our store for a number of weeks and keeps time just fine. 

The front has a glass cover and the case itself is metal with a ribbed design.  Toggle knob on the left lower side to set time as needed.   

Measurements: 25" in diameter. 9" deep.  

 IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a "pick up only" item.  This item would need a specialized company that does "white glove" service on shipping delicate fragile items.  More than likely, it would need to be crated at the very least.  We can recommend a company that utilizes this service should you need one.  They are Craters & Freighters of Richmond VA.  You can find them on the web.  

Item# GA9186

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